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History of company

June 1935 Founded as a manufacturer of heat exchangers and fans in the form of a joint stock company (capital: 5,000 yen) in today's Hirano-ku, Osaka.
March 1939 Launched sales of applied machinery. Carried out the design, manufacture and sale of hot-air dryers, transportation and chemical equipment that apply the theory of "heat and circulated air."
April 1947 Developed various dryers focusing on dyeing and finishing-related machinery.
March 1957 Capital increased to 3 million yen. Reorganized as a stock company.
October 1961 Capital increased to 36 million yen.
April 1962 Capital increased to 100 million yen. Listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
April 1964 Recognized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) as a company contributing to the export business.
June 1970 Celebrated 35th anniversary. Created a company flag.
December 1971 Capital increased to 560 million yen.
June 1973 Established "Hirano Technicum."
March 1979 Expanded the headquarters plant.
July 1981 Completed new energy-conserving machines (simplex tenter).
Received award for Excellence in Energy-Conserving Machines (by the Japan Machinery Industry Association).
Machine designated for energy-conserving preferential tax treatment (MITI, Notification No. 201).
June 1985 Celebrated 50th anniversary. Published a company history.
April 1988 Capital increased to 1,053 million yen.
January 1989 Changed company name to HIRANO TECSEED.
February 1990 Issued Swiss francs convertible bonds.
March 1990 Completed new "Hirano Technicum (Product Development Center)."
March 1991 Capital increased to 1,847 million yen.
April 1998 Acquired ISO9001.
November 1998 Introduced "CAP COATER" technology for LC resistant coating from a German company, STEAG GmbH.
February 1999 Installed a large-sized "CAP COATER" for production trials within Hirano Technicum.
January 2000 Started the manufacturing of "CAP COATER" photoresist coating equipment.
June 2000 Developed "CAP COATER II" for coating continuous sheets.
March 2001 Developed small-sized "Capillary COATER III" for research and development.
November 2001 Installed "M-600SF," a test machine for casting mid-thickness ceramic sheets within Hirano Technicum.
March 2002 Developed the "New-Type Capillary COATER" for fifth generation LCD panels.
December 2002 Developed coating technology for environmentally resistant thin films.
May 2008 Updated laser beam machines.
January 2010 Installed an R800-DB testing coater for lithium ion batteries and regenerative thermal oxidizers, in our Technicum test center.
October 2010 Installed surface grinders.
August 2012 Expanded our main factory site.
January 2013 Completed construction of a new coating factory.
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