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Introduction of Industrial Machinery

Hirano's technology supporting leading industries

HIRANO TECHSEED greatly contributes in manufacturing chemical products, mainly in electronics, based upon long experience with heat and circulated air technology.

This is the film processing of engineering plastics, fine ceramics sheet casting, and the processing of glass boards for display in the field of electronic components.

We also provide a manufacturing line of prepreg sheets of composite materials, as well as machinery and equipment for industrial materials related to glass fiber, various non-woven fabrics, synthetic leather, etc.

Hirano's technology supporting leading industries

Products Benefiting from Hirano Technology

Products benefiting from Hirano technology

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Ceramics green sheets
  • Engineering plastic films
  • Flooring materials, thermo-insulating materials, sound absorption materials
  • Non-woven fabrics (for clothing, industrial materials, filters, sanitary materials, etc.)
  • Films for medical use
  • Edible films
  • Vacuum vapor deposition films
  • Thermoplastic prepreg sheets
  • Glass cloth for electric insulating boards
  • Guide rollers (carbon fiber + epoxy)

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