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Technicum: Testing machine features

The original systematization technology combines [heat and circulated air] and the advanced [coating and line control].

Testing machine features

Here is a brief introduction of each testing machine equipped at Technicum, a specialized research & experiment factory:

Blending creativity and knowledge, Hirano produces new technology

At HIRANO TECSEED, the establishment of basic technology and unique technical development are furthered, taking advantage of our abundant knowledge and expertise in "heat and circulated air" and "coating and line control" technologies.

Our new technology equipment is suitably classified for not only coating machinery applications for film, paper, metal foil, etc., but also industrial machinery applications for non-woven fabric, glass fiber, carbon fiber, advanced material, composite material, glass substrate, etc.

And we have Technicum, which allows the encapsulation of our technologies and the development of basic technology. Using a testing facility of a similar scale and standard as the production facility, we conduct research and development for customer product development.

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