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List of Coating Equipment

Coating Equipment Drying / Heat Treatment Film Coating Vacuum
LIP coater Comma coater Gravure coater R&R coater D.V. coater CAP coater Impregnation 3 reparse Hot air Infrared rays UV Baking Vacuum drying Hot plate Film Film coating Vacuum
LCD Optical function & color film                  
Dry film                        
Photo masks                        
Electronics Flexible, RCC & rigid circuit boards                    
Casting film                    
Film condensers                          
Silicon film                            
Glass-epoxy boards                            
Batteries Lithium Ion & polymer batteries                        
Fuel batteries                          
AV Appliances Magnetic recording media VHS/DVDs/MDs etc.                      
Adhesive / Packing materials Adhesive & marking film                          
Medical products Sanitary materials (non-woven)                          
Adsorbent medical products for skin & wound dressings                        
Industrial products Two-sided adhesive tapes, labels & protection tapes etc.                          
High-strength organic textile                          
Glass fiber / textile                            
PAN & PITCH-based carbon fiber                            
Housing / Construction materials Wallpaper, sound absorption materials, flooring materials, insulating materials                            
Insulating tape                              
Carbon fiber                                
Glass fiber reinforcement                                
Food Editable & barrier film                        
OA products Glossy paper                              
Correction tape                              
Adhesive tape                            
Tack paper                              
Life Sports/Leisure (carbon fiber products including fishing poles and golf clubs)                                
Organic EL ITO film                          
Emission layers                              
Buffer layers                              
Environmental Barrier Coating Photocatalytic membranes                    
UV-cut film                    
Electromagnetic shielding film                    
Automobiles Airbags                                  
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