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Coating Equipment

HIRANO TECSEED provides various types of coating equipment, including such main coaters as the following:

CAP Coater

CAP Coater
  • Coating thickness of 0.1 - 5µm is possible.
  • Utilization efficiency of resist is over 95%.
  • Coating accuracy is within ±2%.

R&R Coater

R&R Coater
  • Coating thickness of 1 - 60µm is possible.
  • Resin with rather high solid content can be coated, which causes less unevenness in the lateral direction.

*R&R=Raising & Rising

Slot Die Coater

Slot Die Coater
  • Coating thickness of 3 - 300µm is possible to meet various application requirements.
  • Highly resistant against disturbances such as deviation of substrate thickness and dust.
  • Operates at various speeds from low to high.

LIP Coater

LIP Coater
  • Coating thickness of 15 - 80µm is possible.
  • Less influenced by the viscosity of coating fluid or speed.

Comma Coater

Comma Coater
  • Coating thickness of 18 - 100µm is possible.
  • Coating fluid of high viscosity can be used.
  • Easy to change the coating width.

Gravure Coater

Gravure Coater
  • Coating thickness of 3 - 30µm is possible.
  • For various boards. Easy to control coating lengths.

Coating System

Please refer to the following pages for details of the coating system:

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