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C.C.C. (Centralized Computer Control) System


System integrating concentrated monitoring, remote control and data management of production lines

The C.C.C. (Centralized Computer Control) System is for the monitoring, operation, and data management of Hirano's machines.

The system can be basically operated by mouse, which realizes easy use for even PC beginners.


  • HMI's InTouch* software developed for industries is adopted.
  • Reports (vouchers) are printed in MS Excel* format of high versatility.
  • Operating conditions (line speed, tension, roll ratio, temperature, etc.) can be set all at once (recipe setting function).
  • Operating conditions can be checked on the screen.
  • Measured data can be presented via graph.
    Existing data, accumulated in the computer, can also be presented via graph.
  • Collected data are saved in text or CSV files for easy maintenance.
  • Operation data accumulated during production process can support quality record management such as for ISO 9001.

* InTouch is a registered trademark of Wonderware. Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft.


C.C.C. System

System function

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