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Environmental Barrier Coating

What technology is applied to environmental barrier coating via wet processing for the casting process of photo-catalytic titanium dioxide thin films?

Task consigned by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan

Titanium dioxide is non-toxic and safe and therefore is used in cosmetics and food additives.
Titanium dioxide films are clear, colorless, elaborately designed and environmentally beneficial.

1. Photo-catalytic films
Photo-catalytic films help increase the dirt resistance of the surfaces of window panes and traffic signs, enhance indoor cooling efficiency and are used also in electronic materials.

2. Photo-catalytic films can cut off ultraviolet rays
Photo-catalytic films help preserve food freshness, provide an anti-fog effect, prevent colors from fading on furniture, and prevent tobacco tar and smell from sticking to furniture.

Testing Machine for Titanium Dioxide Coating

Testing Machine for Titanium Dioxide Coating

Composition and process of environmental barrier coating

Composition and process of environmental barrier coating

Coating technology development

  Continuous capillary coater R&R coater Chamber gravure
Continuous capillary coater R2 coater Chamber gravure
Thin film coating capability Capable of thin films of thicknesses in the range of under 100nm (dry) 0.1 - 3.0µm (wet) Capable of thin films of thicknesses of 100nm (dry)
High-precision coating ±2% ±5% ±2%
Speed dependence Larger coating amount at higher speed Independent (depends upon pump discharge rates) Independent (depends upon G-roll rotation frequency and mesh types)
Substrate dependence Low Not available for thick (tough) substrates Low
Solution dependence Not available for high-viscosity/high-density solutions Low Not good for high-viscosity solutions
Others Affects solution-material compatibility Available for high-speed coating  

Superiority over existing technologies

Prices for machines for our coating process are one-third of those for vacuum evaporation coating machines, and their power consumption is approximately half that of vacuum coating machines.

  Spray coating Roll coating Vacuum evaporation coating Our coating
Film thickness precision Poor Fair Excellent Excellent
Material cost Fair Excellent Poor Excellent
Facility cost Excellent Good Poor Excellent
Power consumption Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent

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