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Organic Electro Luminescence Forming Process

Coating, drying, heat treatment, and environmental processing of organic EL layers

HIRANO TEDCSEED has developed a new film forming process for emitter- and ITO-layers of polymer-type organic EL with excellent emission and electrical properties. This process features new coating technology utilizing a capillary phenomenon that realizes nano-level film forming and our abundant experience in drying and heat treatment technologies for thin film.

In order to avoid influences on film quality from environmental conditions such as humidity and oxygen concentration, devices for the transfer of boards, coating, drying and heating are installed in the glove box. This process also excels in high precision coating and cost performance to form various high-function films, achieved by thrift with the coating materials (more than 95% utilization efficiency), low facility cost (less than one-third of that for vacuum equipment), and excellent productivity.

Capillary Coater Range (for organic EL)

Capillary Coater Range (for organic EL)

Technicum Testing Machine

Base substrate Glass plate
Size: 150~200mm
Thickness: 0.4 - 1.1mm
Coating thickness 10 - 200nm±2%(Dry)
Necessary volume Min.50ml
Hot plate 50 - 200°C±1°C
Atmosphere Oxygen density 1% or less / Humidity 1% or less
Coating speed 0.5 - 10.0m/min

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